Pokemon Company berjanji kemarin bahwa kami akan mendapatkan beberapa berita Pokemon Unite hari ini, dan itu berhasil.

Pokemon Unite akan dirilis untuk Switch pada bulan Juli dan akan tiba di iOS dan Android pada bulan September, The Pokemon Company dan developer TiMi Studio Group mengumumkan hari ini.

Real-time, team-based battle game dengan kemampuan cross-play akan gratis untuk dimulai dan diumumkan kembali pada Juni 2020.

Pokemon Unite berlangsung di Pulau Aeos, sebuah pulau yang dikatakan berada di perbatasan laut yang belum dijelajahi. Di atasnya, Anda akan menemukan Unite Battle Committee (UBC), yang menjalankan serangkaian turnamen. Dalam Unite Battles, players membentuk tim beranggotakan lima orang dan bersaing satu sama lain untuk melihat siapa yang dapat mencetak poin terbanyak sebelum waktu habis.

Players juga mengalami bentuk energi baru yang dikenal sebagai energi Aeos yang dapat digunakan dalam pertempuran untuk mengembangkan Pokemon. Anda berperan sebagai Trainer pemula yang datang ke Aeos untuk ambil bagian dalam pertempuran ini.

Berikut ini lebih lanjut tentang game milik developers:

1. The Rules of Unite Battles – Unite Battles are where Trainers and their partner Pokemon compete in 5-on-5 team battles. The key to victory in a Unite Battle is to have a higher score than the other team when time runs out. To earn points for your team, you must gather Aeos energy by defeating wild and opposing Pokemon and then deposit that energy in one of the opposing team’s goal zones. Unite Battles take place in various stadiums, and the rules for each stadium differ. There can be different numbers of team members, different match lengths, and even different Legendary Pokemon that appear.

2. Face-Off against Skilled Teams – In Unite Battles, cooperating with teammates is important. When battling a skilled team or when at a disadvantage, you might be able to open a path to victory by coordinating with teammates. In ranked matches, you can earn performance points, which can increase—or decrease—your ranking depending on the results of the battle. When just starting out, you’ll battle at the Beginner Cup level and begin making your journey to Master Cup. Additionally, those who become ranked will be recorded on a global ranking board for all the world to see.

3. Level Up – Before every Unite Battle, participating Pokemon are returned to Lv. 1 through the power of Aeos energy, and throughout each battle, they gain Exp. Points and level up. As Pokemon level up, they learn powerful moves and evolve, and when a Pokémon reaches higher levels, it also learns its Unite Move—a powerful move that can only be learned and used in Unite Battles. Unite Moves can change the tide of battle.

4. Battle with a Fresh Look – In the game, you can change the appearance of your Pokemon and Trainer. Take part in Unite Battles while showing off your own unique style. You can use Holowear, a special technology that uses Aeos energy, to dress your Pokemon in a variety of outfits. You can also customize your Trainer’s appearance, clothing, and accessories to make sure your Trainer always looks their best, both in and out of battle. You can update your profile with a Unite snapshot that features your Trainer’s avatar and partner Pokemon, and you can even customize the snapshot by changing your Trainer’s expression or pose or by adding stickers. Before entering a match, you and other players can see each other’s Unite snapshot, too.

5. Find Your Role – Many different Pokemon, such as Charizard, Pikachu, and Greninja will appear in the game. Although type strengths and weaknesses do not exist in Unite Battles, each Pokemon has its own unique stats and role—Attacker, Defender, Speedster, Supporter, or All-Rounder—that reflects its play style. You’ll want to practice with various Pokemon to find out which best suits you. To use a Pokemon in Unite Battles, you need to have a Unite license for that Pokemon. Unite licenses can be obtained through the Unite Battle Committee, where you can exchange Aeos coins (earnable via Unite Battles) for your desired license.

6. Enjoy Even More Pokemon UNITE with the Battle Pass – You’ll have the opportunity to earn in-game rewards through the seasonal battle pass. To earn these rewards, you’ll need to level up the pass by completing missions. Additionally, players can upgrade their battle pass by using Aeos gems, enabling them to claim even more rewards.

7. Obtain Items via Shops – The game has three types of in-game currency: Aeos gems (paid), Aeos coins, and Aeos tickets. Aeos coins and Aeos tickets can be acquired by playing the game. At the Unite Battle Committee, players can use Aeos coins or Aeos gems to obtain Unite licenses, which allow them to take Pokémon into Unite Battles. At Aeos Emporium, players can use Aeos coins or Aeos gems to obtain UBC-approved goods like Pokémon held items or Trainer fashion items (fashion items can also be obtained using Aeos tickets). Zirco Trading specializes in Holowear, which can be obtained using Aeos gems.

Closed beta test Pokemon Unite diadakan kembali pada bulan Maret untuk perangkat Android, dan itu hanya satu game Pokemon yang saat ini sedang dikerjakan.

Ada remake dari judul DS Diamond and Pearl yang akan dirilis sebagai Brilliant Diamond dan Shining Pearl ketika datang ke Switch akhir tahun ini. Nintendo juga sedang mengerjakan action-RPG Legends: Arceus yang dijadwalkan akan dirilis pada Januari 2022.


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