Monday, November 18, 2019
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Founder of OBOETE IMASUKA INDONESIA: japanese biggest nostalgia community from indonesia in facebook since 2013 A Gamer enthusiast with 20 years of gaming experience, i played nintendo, snes, and sega when i was a kid, but my main gaming interest mostly is for Playstation. I graduate as a Graphic Designer since 2008 and open a Design Agency with my friends, while importing Toys and merch from Japan to Indonesia. As of 2016 i am more focusing my time on Trading for living and investing in properties until now. And this very moment, i want to use my time to write blogs for Gameindo, spreading influence via youtube and gain more friends with same interests and Goals!
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Bandai Spirits tampilkan teaser Evangelion terbaru

Divisi Kolektor BANDAI SPIRITS telah merilis informasi baru di Akihabara UDX dari tanggal 25 hingga 27 Oktober dan TAMASHII NATION 2019 yang akan diadakan...